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Fern McCullagh

Fern McCullaghFern McCullagh relocated to London from South Africa in 1996 and the challenges she experienced during the move is what inspired her to assist others in fulfilling their dream of having a foothold in the London property market. Having moved provinces and eventually country; Fern has a personal understanding of the challenges and expectations of making such a move. With her French background, Fern brings a multicultural sensitivity to the table, working with people from around the globe wanting to live or invest in London and its surroundings.

Following a number of years in executive relocation, Fern specialised in residential property working alongside clients resident here and abroad, which included individuals, families and executives of multinational corporations.

An exceptionally well-informed and connected property search consultant with many years in this business, Fern has an extensive understanding of the London property market and her ability to assess solid investments are a valuable asset to her clients.

She is able to offer clients expert property related assistance with specialists in their field and with whom she has long standing business relationships, ensuring that her company’s reputation is upheld. It is all of the above that brings returning clients back to Property Personal Shopper for new properties. There are many nuances to finding the right property in London. Fern’s calm and measured approach together with her in-depth area knowledge will help you to find your way through the complexities of the London housing market and you can be confident she will locate the ideal property to meet your needs and budget.